When people talk about living a healthy lifestyle, they often refer to exercising daily and eating nutritious foods. While these are very important, being healthy actually involves more than just these two components.

Being healthy starts from inside – having a peaceful mind, feeling content and happy with what you have, nourishing your body and your soul. It stems from having self-confidence and healthy self-esteem. It also means having a vision of your future and a plan to get you to where you want to be. It doesn’t mean being perfect, but it is linked to working towards your goal in a productive manner that is enjoyable.

A lot of times when we start to make changes, we start with enthusiasm. Our plan is filled with things that must be done. All of them. All at once. However, not having a realistic strategy for implementing change can lead to burnout. It’s hard to keep up that type of passion consistently. This leads to setbacks, which often makes it difficult to feel motivated to start again.

We here at She is Fierce get that.

Our purpose is to work together with our clients to come up with a plan that is suitable for each individual’s lifestyle. We focus on more than just exercise programs and meal plans. Our aim is to work with you to help you make sustainable, healthy changes to your life – from developing a more positive outlook on life to figuring out how to deal with daily stresses. Our ultimate goal is to lead you to total empowerment through fitness.

Another important thing that we recognize is that living a healthy life means different things to different people. Therefore, our customized, personalized approach is what makes us different from other training centers. Moreover, your idea of what is ‘healthy and good’ can change over time. Therefore we will work with you to change the ‘plan’ according to your needs.

When you go to health websites, you’ll get the same type of advice – exercise often, eat right, reduce your stress, sleep more. It all sounds good, but how do you go about implementing that in your life? Not just in a way that suits your time schedule, but also your life circumstances and your emotional situation. Helping you come up with this plan and implement it is what we are all about.

One of the unique aspects of She is Fierce is that our ultimate focus is the empowerment of women. We believe that at the heart of developing confidence and independence lies the ability to defend yourself. To address this, we offer self-defense lessons for women. Usually when women hear the term self-defense, they immediately picture a man wearing a padded helmet and holding mitts, getting ready to teach women to strike ‘where it counts.’ Our focus on self-defense, however, differs in that we address various strategies of self-protection. From learning distance management to ultimately using timing and leverage to defeat stronger, bigger attackers, we aim to provide you the tools that will give you confidence and make you feel empowered.

She is Fierce offers various packages to suit your needs.

Personal Training (one-on-one; 1 hour)

Working one-on-one with a personal trainer ensures you get the motivation you need to achieve your goals. We will work with you to develop a realistic, achievable workout plan to help you achieve your goals. Our workouts range from focusing on increasing mobility to building strength and conditioning to challenging intense interval training.

One-on-one personal training sessions                                     GBP 32/class or GBP 120/4 classes

Special discount: GBP 290/10 classes

Partner Training (max 2 people; 1 hour)

Working out with a friend can provide an extra boost of motivation and accountability when it comes to your workout. So, bring a friend and enjoy a training session together.

Partner Training                                                                                       GBP 60/class or GBP 220/4 classes

Special discount: GBP 500/10 classes

Empowerment through Fitness (one-on-one; 1 ¼ hour)

There’s no doubt that as you increase your physical fitness, your confidence will grow. A powerful supplement to that growth is the development of your ability to defend yourself. Our empowerment through fitness program is a combination of strength and conditioning exercises with self-defense techniques. The self-defense techniques are based on principles of timing and leverage, which allow you to defeat opponents who are bigger and stronger than you.

One-on-one personal training/self-defense sessions         GBP 35/class or GBP 125/4 classes

Special discount: GBP 300/10 classes

Eat Right

The secret to your fitness success lies in the kitchen. Learning how to eat right for your body type, fitness level, and goals is essential for optimal health. Our Eat Right package offers basic meal planning advice and nutrition counseling. We can also create personalized weekly meal plans.

Basic meal planning advice and nutrition counseling                     GBP 35/month

Weekly meal plans                                                                              GBP 15/week


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