One of the accounts I follow on Instagram is The Long Table, which features cooking classes held in Kuwait. Taking a cooking class is something that I’ve always wanted to do. Even though I love to cook and cook often, I realized that I’ve fallen into a bit of a routine. The routine is great for efficiency, but it’s just not as exciting as when you’re trying something new. So, when a post popped up about a vegan sushi cooking class being held at Be Café, one of my favorite places in Kuwait, it immediately caught my interest.

I did have some hesitations though. First of all, we were going to be cooking in a group and I didn’t know how that dynamic was going to be, especially if they were all strangers. Second of all, what exactly was vegan sushi going to involve? A cucumber roll? An avocado roll? Was there any cooking really involved? I wasn’t sure what I was going to get out of it. In any case, I thought that at the very least I would finally learn how to roll sushi. So, I called up my BFF and asked her if she wanted to try it and when she said yes, we were good to go!

Let me just skip to the end – It was amazing!!

Every single part of the experience was terrific. The event was perfectly organized. Everyone was friendly and enthusiastic. It was a total hands on experience and oh my word, the sushi was fabulous!

There was not an avocado roll or cucumber roll in sight. There was nothing basic about the rolls we were making at all. Each type was vibrant and bursting with flavor. It really was so much more than I could have ever imagined the experience being.

Here are a few photos to capture the evening:

while waiting for everyone to arrive, we picked Power Cards that are always there at Be Café
the table was set – ready for us to start prepping
before we started on dinner, we worked on dessert – oatmeal cookies
once the cookies were in the oven, we prepped the veggies and then got ready to learn how to make our rolls
Mimi, the owner of Be Café, guiding us on the process
just some of the amazing veggies that we prepped and were going to use
after patting down the rice, different veggie combinations are layered
add sauce if you want and then get ready to roll
just some of the many rolls we made
then they were sliced
they came out perfect
the colors were so vibrant
simple, yet packed with flavor
the cookies were divine (yes, vegan too!)
well fed, satisfied new sushi chefs
you can tell we had a great time