I was supposed to only take six weeks to complete my workout program, but it’s more like 10 (going on 11 weeks). I’ve been struggling with consistency big time. Once I’m at the gym, the workouts have been good, but getting there has been a challenge for sure. I just haven’t managed to find a good balance with work, jiu-jitsu, yoga, and life … but I’m working on it. My goal is to finish the last 4 workouts before the start of the WLC on April 14th. I should be able to do it. It’ll be great to start a new plan with the start of another challenge.

So, in terms of my workouts, I’ve been feeling good in relation to my strength. I still need to work on my cardio and I really need to add some explosivity to my training.

Anyway. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. For right now, my focus is to just get through the next 4 workouts within the next 10 days. I already posted about how the first four workouts went. Here are my progress notes for the following 8 workouts.

I’m pleased with my lifting progress. 

my most recent squat session 8 reps at 70 kg. 

deadlifts — 10 reps at 70 kg

16 kg. KB sumo squat to upright row

16 kg db row