The best thing about having a training target is you know exactly what you need to work towards … there are no set hours for training. You just keep at it until you hit your target. I like having a goal. I definitely work better when that goal is pretty much set in stone. That being said, boy is it a lot of work!

The physical aspect of training is a given. The thing that I find most challenging is the mental aspect (as always). I have to keep reminding myself that techniques that are tough for me now will only get better with practice. Therefore, when I step on the mats, I need to focus on drilling the moves I’m weakest at instead of spending time on things I already know. It can be demoralizing at times, but I know that I’m only doing that to myself. I just have to keep drilling, drilling.

So, our training for our official BBS2 stripe (Gracie Jiu-Jitsu belt stripe) continues.

A glimpse of our training practice:

Diving toe hold

Over-under throw


Footlock defense

Knife defense