Today was busy – stressful busy. I had a lot of things on my mind and I just couldn’t get control of my thoughts. Everything felt like an effort and I didn’t feel present or enthusiastic about anything I was doing. It sucked.

Part of the reason I was stressed because I was worried about this new job. Teaching is a big responsibility. I didn’t want to let my class down by not being prepared … and since I’m new to the university and the curriculum, I was feeling frustrated at how much time it was taking me to just get my head around preparing for my classes. Add that newness to the fact that I haven’t been in a university classroom for almost 4 years … well, the stress kind of took over.

Of course in the end it was all silly. Once I finally calmed down and actually started working – instead of fretting and wasting time not being productive at all (and then stressing about not being productive), things started to fall into place.

I really have to work on coping with frustration – allowing myself to be frustrated but not allowing the frustration to stop me from doing things that need to be done, or just moving forward.


Busy day. Got a lot done. I did accomplish a lot but for some reason the day didn’t feel like a success.

Mostly minimums today in terms of the WLC – I need to do better.

my lunch

WLC Day 4 Dairy