I woke up this morning feeling ready to get started on the Whole Life Challenge but also full from last night’s dinner! So automatically my original plan of making banana pancakes went out the window. I wasn’t hungry enough for the pancakes, but knowing that I was going to have an intense jiu-jitsu training session later on, I knew I had to eat something. The first thing I grabbed was a peanut and date bar. These were given to me by a friend a couple of weeks ago. At that time, I hadn’t decided what level I was going to play at. I thought it would either be Lifestyle or Kickstart. However, a couple of days ago, I changed my mind and decided to bite the bullet and do Performance. I had my best ever results on the WLC while doing Performance and since I was in the frame of mind to really go for it, I thought yes, it has to be Performance. Luckily, I remembered my choice just before I opened the packet and put it back in the cupboard. I opted for something very simple instead – banana, date, and 2 walnuts plus a small cup of decaf coffee. I actually don’t normally drink coffee, but I usually have a cup on the weekends when I have breakfast with my husband.

not the prettiest breakfast, but it did the trick

After a leisurely start we took a quick trip to the supermarket to cover dinner for the next two days and then headed home for jiu-jitsu practice. I was actually quite sore from our 2½ hours of practice yesterday. Today’s practice went well. Some moves went better than expected while a few others were still a bit of a struggle. My biggest mission with my jiu-jitsu practice is to not get in my own head. I have to keep reminding myself that moves I found complicated 8 months ago are no longer difficult. As long as I keep practicing, they will get better. Logically I know all this and I repeat these words to myself often, but it can still get a bit disheartening when moves are difficult. In any case, we got in about an hour and half of practice (we’ve got something like a jiu-jitsu test coming up) and I was pleased with how it went overall.

working on my armlocks

Lunch was simple – scrambled eggs and ½ an avocado plus ¼ cup cashews. Soon after I headed out with some fitness friends for a birthday celebration. Instead of going out to eat we went for pedicures. I thought it was a great way to celebrate – and a much more satisfying way to spend money! I was definitely hungry by the time I got home so it took a lot of effort to resist any snacking (or ordering in) and just wait to cook and eat my compliant dinner. It was worth the wait!

simple salad: lettuce, spinach, tomato, yellow bell pepper, avocado + baked chicken (spiced with paprika)

Although I stretched before and after jiu-jitsu practice, while dinner was in the oven I did my 10 minutes of breathing and a bit more mobility. My body is definitely achy after this weekend’s training sessions. I’m looking forward to a good night of rest!

take ten minutes to just breathe