I’m about to start another round of the Whole Life Challenge. With a hectic 2017 full of unexpected (highly emotional) events, I am more than ready to get stuck into it. I have literally left the past behind as I start this year in a new country. It almost feels like a clean slate … a fresh start.

Although I am excited about this fresh start, I have a few immediate obstacles – my local papers haven’t been finalized, so I can’t drive and my movement is limited. This also means that trips to the grocery store will have to be planned according to someone else’s schedule. I will not be able to join a gym or other fitness type of activity for a while so I will have to figure out how I can not only be active, but effectively active for a few weeks. I do not have a fixed schedule, and that always makes it difficult to plan my days/meals in advance.

Despite these initial struggles, I know that in order to set myself up for success, I will have to spend some time planning and preparing before the challenge actually begins.

This preparation does not only have to do with meal planning and grocery shopping, though of course they are both important components. The prep also has to do with taking a look at my calendar, figuring out how to navigate social events, and most importantly, making sure I approach the challenge with the right attitude.

As I mentioned above, 2017 was filled with many unexpected and challenging events. I was left no choice but to work on my mindset during that time, otherwise I know that I would not have come out of it well.

The three most critical adjustments in my mindset – learning to be more flexible, learning to be more forgiving of myself, and learning to be forceful when there was something important I was fighting/striving/working for.

I hope that continuing with this mindset will help me get back into the flow of the WLC.

The next round of the Whole Life Challenge begins on September 29, 2018.

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