The struggle to balance my workouts, food, and rest continues.

I was getting frustrated with myself at not being able to make the most of my gym workouts, particularly given that I joined a gym right around the corner from my Hot Yoga studio. Part of the problem is that I put together a complicated lifting program for myself. Well, it’s not complicated per se. It’s just a lot of sets and reps, which means that the workout takes a lot of time. The last thing I want to do is rush through a lifting program, but I also didn’t want to compromise the way I had structured my workout.

I was finding that leaving myself an hour or even an hour and half for a workout before my yoga class wasn’t enough. I was rushing or leaving my workout incomplete and then getting to the yoga studio feeling tired and annoyed.

This was all the opposite of what I wanted to achieve!

After all, how silly is it to finish an hour of strength training at the gym followed by 75 minutes of Hot Yoga and feeling like my workout was incomplete.

Something had to give. Either I had to shift my expectations or change my workout program. No matter what, I definitely needed to compromise.

The fixed points of my week were my Hot Yoga classes. Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings plus Sunday evening.

The next fixed points were my Gracie Jiu-Jitsu classes: Wednesday and Friday evenings plus Sunday mornings.

The gym was where I needed to compromise. I had to figure out what workouts I could do most effectively and efficiently.

I realized that I couldn’t do both weights and my C25K program in one day. I had to break them up. Instead of anchoring myself to a specific schedule (e.g. Monday mornings I must lift), I allowed myself to select my workout depending on how rested I felt.

I knew I’d only need 40 minutes to do a C25K run. I’d need at least an hour for weights. [This is all including warming up and cooling down.]

Allowing myself a bit of flexibility helped. Of course the biggest drawback of not having a firm schedule was that the laziness monster peeks its head out once in a while; however, I was able to push through and have a pretty good week at the gym, the yoga studio, and the jiu-jitsu mats!

I did end the week feeling quite exhausted though and was more than ready to crawl into bed on Sunday night. Exhausted but happy with the work I had done through the week!

Workouts this week: 

Two weight lifting sessions.

Felt like it had been ages since I visited the squat rack.

Happy with my final set of 8 reps at 50 kg.

Completed Week 1 of C25K [granted, it took me a while]. 


Jiu-Jitsu – assisted with teaching 4 classes and did 7 hours of my own training

Working on applying pressure.

Chokes and Jokes.

5 Hot Yoga sessions

Zen mode.

Making progress with my reclining hero.