Yoga class.

Inhale. Exhale.

Sun salutations.

We move from position to position and then it’s time.

The instructor announces – for those of you who wish to practice your crow pose, you can do so now.

And I think to myself — yes, I should try this.

Throughout class we were paying extra attention to focusing on our breath during each movement. Not just breathing deeply but actually using our breath to facilitate each move. It was a lovely relaxed pace though it was often matched with the intensity that accompanied being able to get deeper into a position.

This time, instead of just letting us practice our crow pose on our own, our instructor guided us with breath. Telling us when to inhale and how to position our body during the inhale. Then encouraging our exhale and the next body movement. We continued in this manner. It was so slow. It was so controlled. It was also so easy to want to just bypass it all and try to kick my feet up … but with each movement being guided by either an inhale or an exhale, it was impossible to kick up. Instead it was slow and steady – a little bit forward, a little bit higher. A little bit forward. A little bit higher.


I could feel myself getting closer. Of course as I progressed through each step of the pose my mind would start filling with doubts. Your knees are too wide. You’re not high enough on your elbows. Your going to fall flat on your face.

Guess what? I did fall over a few times.

I never fell flat on my face, but I definitely fell forward.

Each time I fell, I would have to reset.

Reset not just physically, but mentally too.

I kept trying to tell myself – the worst has happened. You’ve fallen. It wasn’t a major disaster. Just get up and try again.

Take it easy.

Take it slow.

Sure enough — I caught a glimpse of that elusive crow.