By the end of 2016 I was so physically ill that even getting out of bed and walking was painful – let alone doing jiu-jitsu or working out at the gym. I did what I could, but there was no escaping the weight gain and loss of fitness. It was so demoralizing and depressing. In March 2017 I had surgery that greatly helped. Recovery was slow, but to help me out – in regaining my physical fitness and strength as well as my overall confidence – I started training with a personal trainer, Lewis Cresswell. It was the best investment in myself I could have made.

Lewis didn’t just take me through a general program. He tailored it to help me through my recovery and rebuild all aspects of my fitness. The sessions were challenging and tough – and always thoroughly enjoyable (though often after the fact!!).

My first workout was slow and cautious. I was able to lift weights, but I didn’t have the confidence to move and lift the way I did before. However, 4 months later (despite some interruptions), I was back to doing burpees, various strength and condition exercises, killer metcons, and heavy lifts. More than anything, the boost in confidence has been invaluable.

I still have a long ways to go, but I’ve progressed more than I ever thought I would in these 4 months. Onward and upwards!

ended our final session with 110 kg deadlifts