Over the past two weeks I have heard the word ‘affirmations’ mentioned several times. Although I have heard of daily affirmations before and I have a general idea of what they are, it is not something I practice. Hearing several different people mention them recently made me pause and look into it a bit more.

What are they?

Affirmations are statements that you say to yourself. The idea is that any thought you have or statement you make influences you – your outlook, your attitude, your receptiveness and openness to ideas and interactions with others. Therefore, if you have negative thoughts or a pessimistic outlook, then that is the lens through which you will view or interpret things that are happening or being said around you.

On the other hand, positive affirmations are statements that, you guessed it, positively influence your outlook. When you think positively and keep an open mind that looks at potential instead of restrictions, then you are more likely to see opportunities ahead of you instead of obstacles.

What do they do?

Affirmations are meant to retrain your the way you think. Repeating positive affirmation has an impact on your subconscious mind, and that in turn has an impact on how you see yourself, react to others, and behave.

The purpose of positive affirmations are to keep you focused on goals you have. By viewing the world through a lens of possibility and hope, you are more likely to act in a manner that creates opportunities and helps you reach your goals.

How do you use them?

Choose a statement or a set of statements that represents your focus/goal (e.g. being more confident, breaking a habit, confronting a negative person/situation).

Make sure that the statement is positive, bold, and firm.

Make a conscious effort to repeat the affirmations to yourself whenever you need them. Look at yourself in the mirror as you repeat them and force yourself to accept the words that are coming out of your mouth – even if you don’t believe them just yet, you have to respect yourself enough to listen to what you are saying.

Above all, do not let doubt or hesitation cloud your mind. The idea is to focus on the positive and develop a level of self-belief and confidence that allows you to pursue whatever it is that is most important to you and allows you to live a fulfilling life.

Action Steps

As I said before, although I have heard of affirmations, I’ve never practiced them before. However, reading more about them to write this blog post and talking to a few of my friends who use daily affirmations and say that they really help them, I’m thinking about giving it a try. The timing is perfect since the Whole Life Challenge begins on Saturday and I thought that if these positive statements can help shape people’s experiences in a positive way, perhaps this is a practice that I can incorporate with my role as Team Captain as well as ambassador. Surrounding yourself with positivity can never be a bad thing, can it?

Some examples of affirmations

All that I need is within me. 

I accept my body exactly the way it is and I constantly work on improving it. 

I am in complete control of myself. 

I will face whatever comes my way with a positive attitude. 

Every experience I have is perfect for my growth. 

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