As I was walking back from the gym, I felt my legs get heavier and my pace start to slow. I was hunched over and just staring at my feet as I took each step. I was upset. I was annoyed. I was frustrated.

My session at the gym, although not bad, was really tough. Exercises that were easy a year ago were now difficult — and some of them impossible. I felt unfit, unhealthy, and unhappy. With each step I took, I felt dread. How will I rebuild all that I have lost? Will I ever be able to do it again? It took so much time and effort to get to where I was – what if I can’t do that anymore? What if I lost everything? I can’t believe I’m at Day 1 again.

It was at that moment that the song Roar by Katy Perry came on. I remembered the first time I heard that song in 2013 – I was going through a bit of a struggle at that time too, but I fought back and I fought hard. I picked myself up and really turned things around. If I could do that then, then I could do it again …

deadlifts – 1st time post surgery — but NOT Day 1 again

I know that the road ahead of me is a tough one. As much as I’d like to hold on to this sense of determination, if I’m perfectly honest, it comes and goes. I can feel great and on top of the world and the next day feel frustrated and overwhelmed. It’s tough. There are a lot of things I’m trying to tackle at the moment (maybe too many things). Still, one thing became clear. Even though it felt like I was starting all over – Day 1 again – it wasn’t true. I wasn’t starting from scratch. Sure I may have lost the fitness and strength that I had developed over the last few years, but my foundation is still there. I know what exercises work and what don’t. I know how to eat (I just have to follow through). I know so much more than when I first started out — and that’s what I need to draw on. I forgot that I have learned lessons and built a strong foundation. I need to use that foundation to help me rebuild. I know I can do it. I just have to put in the time and the effort. It’s got to be done. Even though it doesn’t feel like it, I’m starting from a much better place than I did all those years ago. In the end, it’s not Day 1.


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