I feel like I’ve been waiting for this date forever. I was kind of hoping that I would wake up today, fully recovered, feeling like a million bucks. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it happened. I woke up this morning with a dull ache in my abdomen and a bit of nausea. I didn’t really understand why. Part of it could be a reaction to me working out a bit more and moving a bit more. Perhaps I was pushing myself just a bit too much? I’m not sure.

Recovery is frustrating. Particularly in my case where it’s not like I can remove a bandage and check the healing of a wound. Everything is happening internally. I just have to wait and see … it truly is a test of patience.

In any case, not all is bad. Even though I couldn’t leap out of bed full of energy and feeling like a million bucks, I did get out of bed much easier than I did before. I felt much less pressure than I did before, and the terrible pain that I would feel all.the.time is no longer there. These are all things that I am truly thankful for – they remind me that the surgery was worth it. I’m just going to have to push all the healing pains to the side and keep moving forward.

I am probably stressing myself out for no reason. Perhaps I set my expectations too high. In any case, I’m just continuing to move as much as possible. I’ve even started doing jiu-jitsu drills in the garage and I’ve started playing around with some free weights – keeping it light though. The main thing is that I need to be sensible. There’s no point in pushing myself only to feel pain and need painkillers later on. Sensible workouts with time for recovery is the plan …