I went to the gym today!! Ever since last week I’ve been challenging myself to move just a bit more each day. From focused breathing exercises to daily mobility practice to walking more each day, my main goal was to just do a little bit more than the day before. It all led to me feeling pretty good this morning and deciding to go to the gym.

I knew that once I got there I would have to take it easy. Actually, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I still had a ways to go in terms of recovery. I warmed up a bit and then got on the treadmill. I found that going faster than 4.5 was tiring/a bit uncomfortable. I’m all for pushing comfort zone boundaries, but I didn’t want to do it so soon after surgery! In any case, my goal for the day was to walk for 30 minutes. Seeing as it was a bit more difficult that I anticipated, I walked for 15 minutes and then decided to do some resistance training using the weight machines.

can’t believe it took me 15 minutes to walk 1 km!! oh well – gotta start somewhere!

Given that I hadn’t worked out in a while, starting off with the machines was good for me. It was controlled and safe – just what I needed to start to nudge my muscles in an attempt to revive them! I kept it relatively light – again, not willing to take any unnecessary risks.

After about 30 minutes on the machines, I got back on the treadmill and walked for another 15 minutes. Still slow and steady, but just a touch faster than my first round.

ok – just a touch further on my 2nd go – already improving! awesome!

My only goal at the moment is to try to do a bit better than my last attempt. Holding back is challenging though as is¬†pushing out thoughts that are focusing on how much strength and endurance I’ve lost. The fact that I’m in the gym 2 weeks post-op is great – I need to remember that. After all, just last Friday I was celebrating having walked 4,000 steps and today I got just over 9,000! Progress is progress!

continuing to step forward

On top of everything, I also went back to jiu-jitsu today!! It was so good to be back. Of course I’m not on the mats yet, but just being there with my teammates and taking notes as I watched the lesson was great.

back at jiu-jitsu — watching from the sidelines

Now it’s all about consistent effort, keeping it clean in the kitchen, and staying positive.