I find it incredibly ironic that it is now – when I’m approaching my upcoming surgery and following recovery time when my activity will be limited – that I have a sense of urgency to go out and explore and get tons of things done. Why now? Why didn’t I discover this drive months ago?

Part if it definitely has to do with me going through my blog posts on my old website today. I used to blog regularly. I found that writing out my thoughts and experiences as I worked to live a healthier lifestyle and sort through my worries and anxieties was really cathartic. Sharing excerpts of exciting adventures was fun as well, of course!

I was in the middle of making a promise to myself to blog more when I realized that my new lifestyle here hasn’t really been inspiring me to blog. While everything has been going well and I have been involved in quite a few fun activities and projects, it just hasn’t been the same. I think I’ve finally come to realize that even though I moved to a new country, I was still expecting the same type of lifestyle … and along with that lifestyle, the same type of fulfilment. Yes, I know I’ve been here for almost 3 years, but what can I say? It’s been a busy 3 years! More than that, it’s actually because I was determined to ‘land and go’ when I first moved to England that I never really sat down and thought – ok, I’m now in a new country with new circumstances, it’s time to start some new adventures. I know that I have definitely embraced the new role of jiu-jitsu in my life and adapted in many other ways, but I also know I have been clinging on to my old mindset, hopes, and expectations. I realize now that I was holding myself back.

Perhaps it is good that I’m having these thoughts now. Even though I’d love to act right away, I know that I’ll need to be totally hands off until the end of the month as I focus on recovery. Hopefully my time off will give me the chance to turn this renewed vision of adventure and fun into reality.

The plans have begun — Stay tuned 🙂