In England and Wales alone, roughly 11 rapes occur every hour. Moreover, one in five women has been the victim of sexual assault or an attempted sexual offence. These statistics do not include harassment, stalking, or other non-sexual attacks on women.

These numbers are not meant to scare you. They are meant to make you aware that violence against women is real.

It’s real.

It’s unpredictable.

It’s happening all around us.

It is not restricted to certain neighborhoods; it does not happen to women of a certain age or ethnic background. It does not happen because of what a woman is wearing or how she is behaving.

No woman ever thinks it will happen to them — with that in mind, are you prepared to defend yourself should the case ever arise?

Self-defense goes beyond having a repertoire of  techniques under your belt. It has to do with having the right mindset, with believing that you are worth defending, with tuning in your awareness so that you are prepared to defend yourself against an attacker.

From distance management to breaking free if someone grabs a hold of you to escaping from being pinned to the ground the techniques covered in this Women Empowered seminar series will cover techniques that provide solutions to the 15 most common attacks on women.

Come join us on the mats – no previous experience is necessary. Come wearing comfortable workout clothes.

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