I am so glad my positive mood from yesterday carried on to this morning! I did have a frustrating start to the day. Although I left my house in good time to get to CrossFit, an unexpected accident and car breakdown (not mine) led to major traffic. I didn’t think I was going to make it to class as it had already struck 10 a.m. and I was still a good 15 minutes away. Sitting in my car trying to relax – because really, it was out of my control – I was trying to figure out what to do. I didn’t really want to show up to class almost half an hour late as it’s disrespectful to the coach and other team members, but thankfully a teammate messaged and said they were moving at a relaxed pace and ended his message with ‘see you soon’ — that was just the motivation I needed to complete the drive to CrossFit. {Thanks Lee!} I sheepishly entered and asked if it was too late to join (I was 25 minutes late – ugh!!), but Andy, the coach, said it was fine. So I quickly put on my lifting shoes and got to work!

Today’s workout:


I started with squats and did a quick warm-up, ending up with a PB of 110 kg. I would have liked a bit more below parallel, but this was a good attempt. I need to be more dedicated to my physiotherapy to help strengthen my left knee. That’ll help add a bit more confidence to my squat. I definitely won’t be adding any additional weight until I can easily drop to below parallel with 110 kg on my back.


working towards below parallel … it wasn’t easy, but I’m determined!


I ran out of room on my back squat bar! PB @ 110 kg (242 lb)

Next up was the deadlifts. I took my lifters off and remained barefoot as I have been for deadlifts lately. Again it had been since I had deadlifted. I was a bit nervous as to how my back would feel going heavy, but my reps at 90 and 105 felt good. I thought today was the day to go for it. I bypassed the 110s and went straight to 125 kg — and it was good!! I might have been able to go to 130, but I was happy with that lift for the day.


feeling strong with my 125 kg (275 lb) deadlift (PB)

Since I had come to class late, I ended with my shoulder press. By that time I was tired — in any case, overhead/upper body stuff is toughest for me. I only managed to properly do my final rep at 38 kg. That number looks so tiny compared to my other lifts! Oh well, just gotta keep working on it!

It was definitely a good way to start the week.

Ranking on the leaderboard — yes, I’m happy with that!!


finished strong today