Last night I earned my 3rd stripe on my Blue Belt! What a surprise!


I know that some people consider stripes an arbitrary measure of accomplishment – I can see where that thought process comes from. I try not to look too deep into it. For me, it is a sign of my commitment to practicing jiu-jitsu. Many people quit once they get their Blue Belt. Seeing that 3rd stripe on my belt just made it real for me – I’ve started this journey and I’m here to stay.

Just as when I earned my 1st and 2nd stripes, I felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety – not bad anxiety, positive anxiety. As I said above, seeing a 3rd stripe on my belt confirms to me that this wasn’t just a fluke; it’s not just a passing interest. I’m invested in this – emotionally, physically, even financially. I feel excited when I think of that – jiu-jitsu makes me happy … how lucky am I that I get to practice (teach and train) something that I am so passionate about? It’s awesome. I’m glad that at this stage in my life I am involved in an activity that is healthy, challenging, and something that I can continue for the rest of my life. The bonus of this is that D and I train together (he got his 3rd stripe last night too!! yay!!).


we’re a 3-stripe household now!

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on my jiu-jitsu journey lately; I’ve written quite a bit about how much the art has taught me – beyond the techniques. I am excited to see what’s to come – it can only get better 🙂


Third Stripe!