Jiu-jitsu is about self-defense – and self-defense isn’t only needed on the ground, it’s needed standing too. Although there are various techniques that we learn from standing, e.g. different takedowns and submissions, other techniques we learn are related to defense against violent attacks.

For example, would you know what to do if someone came at you with a Haymaker Punch? What about if they attacked you with a weapon? Tried to strike you with a baton or hold you at gun point? What would you do if someone had a knife to your throat?

If you ever get into a fight – with or without weapons – no matter how many self-defense techniques you know, you probably won’t leave the fight unscathed. However, knowing how to defend yourself and practicing your techniques over and over to help you build your reflexes is just one step in minimizing the damage.

Although learning defenses to knife and gun attacks is exciting, the first rule of thumb is to avoid the fight at all costs; the second rule is unless the attacker is threatening physical harm to you or your family, give in to what he wants – your wallet, your car keys, whatever – those are all material possessions and can be replaced. Don’t put your life at risk unnecessarily. Again, avoid the fight at all costs – but in the meantime, learn self-defense!