Snacking used to be my biggest problem. I’d be in the house, wander into the kitchen, and then just grab something to eat without really thinking about it. Other times I’d be craving something to eat, but instead of having something healthy, I’d have some crisps or some chocolate. When I decided I wanted to change my eating habits, the first thing I did was get rid of all the junk food. If it was not in the house, then I would not be able to eat it — it was as simple as that.

The next step, however, was to come up with healthier alternatives. Here are 3 of my favorite snacking combinations.

PlumCooks Apple and almond butter

apple slices with almond butter


PlumCooks Carrots and Hummus

carrot sticks and hummus


PlumCooks Snack Celery, raisins, and peanut butter

celery with peanut butter and raisins

I’m quite pleased at the number of raw nut butters that are available nowadays. I never thought I would get used to eating peanut butter that wasn’t made with sugar and all the other ‘stuff’; however, now that I’ve had the raw, plain version, I can’t imagine going back.

If you’re snacking on the Whole Life Challenge, be sure to read the ingredients of the foods you buy and make sure they are compliant for the level you’re playing at. Hummus is easy to make at home (there are several recipes up on the web) but there are also a lot of good store bought versions that don’t include sugar or other preservatives/artificial ingredients/additives. Just read the label carefully.

Remember, even though nut butters may be raw and natural, they still have a lot of calories so watch your portions!