Here we go! Another round of the Whole Life Challenge. This is the 5th (hmmm maybe 6th) time I’m doing the WLC and I can’t wait to do it again!

I’m happy to say that even when I’m not on the challenge, most of my meals are pretty much on track, especially my dinners. However, I’ve found for that approximately 15% that I’m not on track, it shows! I can definitely feel the impact of having too many sugary foods over the holiday season, and I am more than ready to fully detox from all that ‘stuff’ in my body and completely get back on track with my food and fitness.

I actually only have 1 main goal for this round of the Whole Life Challenge and that is to lose 4% body fat. I’m not too concerned about the number on the scale (though of course I want it to decrease). What I am concerned about is the fact that I’ve lost muscle. I need to put that muscle back on so that’s what I’m going to be focusing on over the next 8 weeks.

This round of the challenge comes with a few extra challenges for me and they all revolve around the fact that I’ll be traveling for 4 weeks. Being away from home, my kitchen, my supermarket, my gym, and worst of all, my ROUTINE, is going to be a struggle big time!!

I have yet to figure out how I’m going to cope with it all. My first trip is on the 22nd of January and it involves a 12 hour flight. I’m already wondering what I’ll eat on the flight and what I’ll do once I get to my destination … The good news is that I’m traveling to go for Jiu-Jitsu training so I’ll be ok on the exercise front. I’m just worried about the food.

It’s because of the chaos of my schedule this time around that I’ve decided to do the Lifestyle level of the challenge. For myself I’ll still try to stick to the Performance guidelines as much as possible, but the extra options with the Lifestyle category will probably be quite helpful when it comes to eating while abroad.

The other thing I’m keeping in mind is something that took me a while to learn — this challenge is not about being perfect. I wrote about this during the last challenge. (You can read that post here.) In the beginning, I was obsessed with getting a perfect score. For the most part I managed just fine, but I did find myself skipping a meal at times because I didn’t have access to anything WLC-compliant, or forcing myself to exercise even when I was really sick … that’s ridiculous. Not just is it ridiculous, it’s unhealthy — and that’s completely the opposite of what this challenge is about.

So now I am a lot more relaxed and I take things in stride. When I can, I follow the challenge guidelines to a T. If something happens that’s really out of my control, then I just go with the flow. That’s how life is. The important thing is to recognize the difference between the two. When you really can make a better choice, then you should make it. Going with the flow is not a way to excuse myself from trying my absolute best to stick to the guidelines. However, understanding that sometimes there really are circumstances beyond your control and accepting it without drama is a good attitude and behavior to develop.