I love working out. Getting to the training center always exhilarates me. Even if I’m tired, I know that once I start, I don’t want to stop.

Regularly working out definitely helped me manage my stress while I was doing my PhD. At the same time, I knew that my hours at the gym were also a form of productive procrastination! I was trying to hide from my deadlines by using the excuse that I needed to workout for my health.

As I got closer to my deadline, I had to be more realistic. Even if my workout was an hour long there was also the prep time fixing my gym bag, the drive to the gym, the workout, the showering, the drive back, the eating … soon 3 hours would have passed and all I would really want to do is rest … So, I had to rethink my workout plan.

I knew that exercise was good in terms of taking a break from my writing and revitalizing me. However, I had to find a way to be more efficient with my time.

I faced a similar dilemma over the past 2 weeks when I knew I really needed to maximize my time at my desk vs. at the gym. At the very least, I had the minimum WLC requirement of 10 min of exercise and 10 min of stretching to do each day.

Mobilization was not a problem as it always felt really good to stretch out after being at my desk all day — the exercise was a bit more challenging because usually all I would want to do after writing all day was veg in front of the TV or go to sleep!

In any case, it was time to do some workouts at home. The most challenging thing was dealing with the lack of space because the house is really, really small. Still, I came up with a routine that I enjoyed doing. The most important thing is to push yourself for the entire 10 minutes. I guarantee you’ll build up a sweat.

Basic dynamic stretching (some examples are found here)

4 rounds of:
25 jab crosses
25 left hooks
25 right hooks
25 left upper cuts
25 right upper cuts
25 squats
25 full sit ups
25 glute bridges
25 push ups
25 second plank hold

I didn’t have much space to move around, so for the shadow boxing moves (you can find a description of the basic moves here) I just made sure to stay active with my hip twists and keep my core tight. At the end of just the boxing section of the first round I was already sweating.

In general I know that a 10 minute workout is not what I need to be doing to lose weight, but at least this is a circuit I can do for those days when I really am swamped with other things.

Here’s a link to a few other posts I’ve written about workouts at home — most don’t require any equipment. Enjoy!!

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