Preparation really is the key to success with the Whole Life Challenge.

Even though at first the rules may seem like they will be difficult to follow, with a bit of planning, it all becomes a lot easier.

It’s easy to let time get the best of you. The day passes by, things come up, and then all of a sudden you don’t feel like cooking dinner so you decide to eat out … Just because you decide to eat out doesn’t mean that you can’t abide by the challenge rules.

One habit that I developed through the challenge was asking questions before ordering my food. I ask about the specific ingredients in the meal. I ask what type of oil the cook the food in. I ask whatever I need to in order to figure whether the meal I want to order complies with the challenge.

Again, it may sound like a lot, but you only need to do this the first time you visit a place. After that you’ll know what to order and what foods to avoid (or you can decide whether that food is worth using a point).

It took me some time to figure out which restaurants I could eat at in Kuwait. However, I had found 3 or 4 places where I could eat at/order from and be sure of what I was getting.

Now that I’ve moved to a new country, I’ve got to start this process again. I don’t usually eat out, but it’s good to know which restaurants I can go to and be comfortable ordering from.

Today I was on the search for a breakfast place to go to on the weekends. This led to the discovery of Cafe in the Park — which is just that, a cafe in a nearby park. I had checked the menu beforehand and they seemed to have things that might be compliant — but I really wouldn’t know until I got there.

This is why it’s important to start planning early!

Lucky for me, the food was all locally grown and cooked in house. They prided themselves on fresh ingredients. They answered my questions about the oil etc. used to prepare the food. I was happy to hear they didn’t use corn or soy oil and that their baked beans were not from a can but cooked fresh — and there I had my breakfast!

We’ve still got two weeks before the challenge begins. Check out the menus of restaurants that you frequent, and perhaps explore a few new ones that may be more likely to serve WLC-compliant foods. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I used to be hesitant at first, but I have yet to find a place that has not taken the time to find out the info I requested and make modifications to my meal if needed. All you have to do is ask.

Figuring out restaurants you can go to and knowing what to order beforehand helps remove the stress of deciding on the spot and it also helps remove temptations of the many non-WLC-compliant foods that will probably be around.

You can surely succeed if you start planning now.


WLC checking the menu

I carry a print out of the WLC food list to help me navigate the menu

Cafe in the Park success

Scrambled eggs, grilled tomato, fresh baked beans, and some mint tea — followed by a walk in the park!

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