Some changes in the ranking system of the Whole Life Challenge caused me to refocus why I’m doing this in the first place.

To some the changes are drastic. To others the changes are unnecessary. There are even quite a few people who think that ‘I’m crazy.”

What I’ve discovered is that it doesn’t matter what others think.

I’m doing this for me.

I wrote a whole other blog post with my thoughts about the new ranking system. Although I still think they should differentiate between those people who are doing the strictest version of the challenge vs. intermediate/beginner challengers, I understand why the ranking is the way it is despite the use of bonus points.

Although I was annoyed at first to be ranked in the same way as someone who used some/all their bonus points to retain a perfect score (I haven’t used any bonus points), I know that in the end, it’s not about the points at all.

Nobody is really keeping track of what I’m doing, what I’m eating, and how I’m behaving. I’m responsible for this myself. It’s about being accountable and honest to myself.

When people ask me about cheating I have to ask them back – who are you cheating? If I decide not to exercise or if I decide to eat chocolate and not record it, then who am I really cheating? The whole life challenge and other competitors will not suffer. There’s no grand money prize at the end of this.

The motivation is intrinsic. The desire to have a perfect score and really do the best that I can do comes from inside.

I benefit from following a healthy lifestyle. There are other things that improve alongside a better lifestyle (e.g. more energy, better moods, more confidence – which positively affects those around me), but in the end, it’s about me and how I can improve my life.

It may seem weird to be thinking about all of this as we end Week 7 of the Whole Life Challenge. However, it also seems like an appropriate time to pause and reflect on why the challenge is important to me and what I’ve learned.

I feel nervous about the challenge ending because I find that it really keeps me focused and on track. I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made. I’m really happy with the way I feel (aside from the bronchitis of course).

Reflecting about my experience and the whole purpose behind why I’m doing this is a good frame of mind to be in as the challenge comes to an end. I’m hoping that the things that I’ve discovered about myself – my strength, my discipline – are the things that are going to help me continue in this quest to get healthy and fit.

The main lesson: Find your source of motivation and don’t lose sight of it. Being able to focus on something that is really important to you is an excellent way to help you keep working towards your goals. The reward is the learning process itself because that knowledge truly is power.