This is the second Whole Life Challenge that I’m doing during my birthday (which is today!!). Last year, my one wish for my birthday was that I wanted to have a perfect WLC day – no points lost. I didn’t want any cake or any non-WLC compliant foods. I just wanted to get through the day knowing that I could do it.

My actual birthday was a success, but some of my friends threw me a dinner and during that dinner there was cake. I wasn’t going to eat any of the cake, but my friend who was hosting the dinner looked so disappointed. I gave in even though I didn’t want to …  and boy have I been annoyed about my decision ever since (yes, even now).

This year, I’m glad that I didn’t have such a problem. I knew from beforehand that I wasn’t going to use any bonus points. Cake and celebratory foods weren’t a big deal to me. What was more important was having people around me who supported my choices and my eating habits. I wanted people to recognize that not having ‘party foods’ was not a sacrifice for me. I wanted people to realize that for my birthday, I wanted to be happy — and being healthy makes me happy.

The main lesson: Every week the main thing that seems to be reinforced is that you need to make decisions for yourself. I think being aware of other people’s feelings and concerns is important. However, using the excuse of, ‘Their feelings will be hurt if I don’t eat this’ doesn’t fall into that category. If they really care about you, then they should understand what is important to you – especially if it’s an important day like your birthday.

WLC3 Week5