I’ve had out of town visitors since the start of the challenge, and it’s becoming tough. There are so many extra things I’ve had to deal with.

First of all, there’s extra food in the house. There are little treats and foods that I rarely, rarely eat – and they’re all not WLC-friendly.

It’s actually. I don’t really feel tempted by these foods, but it’s slightly annoying that they are in the house. In the end, it’s just another chance for me to practice discipline and restraint.

Another issue has been the eating out factor. We’ve been eating out a LOT more than usual. They’re out of town guests, so they want to go to different places. I’m glad that I’ve been the one choosing the restaurants. We’ve gone to places where I’ve been able to modify my order to suit my needs. It’s been ok. Sometimes it gets annoying having the others look at what I’m eating/the way I eat and almost pity me – Poor you, being so disciplined.

I sometimes feel like retorting – Poor you, eating saturated fat – but that’s just the bitch in me (and I make sure to keep her quiet).

I’ve become quite good at making sure that I get my food the way I want it. I’ve had to send food back when things have come with cheese or they didn’t remove the potatoes and other such incidences. For the most part, the waiters have been really good at accommodating my needs. It has taken some practice, but I’m definitely not shy anymore about voicing my needs and concerns.

The other drawback about eating out is that even though the foods and food preparation may have been WLC-friendly, I know that there’s been extra salt in the foods. Plus I’m sure I’ve eaten more than what I normally eat at home (since I just cook 1 portion of food). I’ve started to feel the impact of the accumulation of these effects from the outside meals … I can’t wait for it to stop.

Still, even though I was really apprehensive about how all this eating out and socializing was going to go, I’ve done well. I drew my line as to what I could/couldn’t do (e.g. no Italian or Indian restaurants), and I stuck to it.

The main lesson: Not everybody is going to approve of your decisions or your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter. Figure out what you want for yourself and work towards it. In the end, it’s your life. You’re in control.

WLC3 Week3