So, week 1 is over, and it hasn’t been too bad. Actually, I’m quite surprised at how little I’ve had to change my general eating and meal prep. The main thing that has changed in my routine is having something sweet after dinner. I try not to make a habit of having desserts at night, but that’s where my weakness lies. I never have anything huge or too calorific, but I know that whatever amount of sugar I do have isn’t good for me.

The main thing that I’ve realized is that as this is the 3rd time I’m doing the Whole Life Challenge, a lot of the main changes were already in place.

What this has really shown me is that change is possible.

At the very beginning, eliminating dairy, grains, sugars, etc. from my diet seemed liked such a daunting task. It did take a lot of preparation and thought. I learned so much during those first two weeks. After putting those habits into practice, it is SO much easier.

The main lesson: Stick to the plan. It may be difficult at first, but until you give it a go, you won’t know how strong you are and how much you are able to achieve.

WLC3 Week1