Today was my first meal out this time around on the Whole Life Challenge. I have definitely found that I eat out a LOT less than I used to before. After the first two times around on the challenge, I have narrowed down the restaurants of where I can eat healthily, and where I have already been ‘that guy’ who asks all the questions about the food in order to make sure that it is clean, and in this case, whole life challenge-friendly.

I think nowadays a lot of people make substitutions. I’ve found that the waiters don’t get surprised or give any problems when asking about the food. It’s a relief. Today I found myself ordering a steamed shrimp and avocado salad — without the corn, the vinaigrette (since I didn’t know what was in it), the cheese, and a couple other of the ingredients. I know it sounded funny. I almost didn’t ask them to hold the vinaigrette, but then I thought, why should I eat something that I really don’t want to eat? Of course they were accommodating, and I was able to enjoy a clean, healthy salad with no worries. It’s one more restaurant I can add to my list of places to eat without having to worry about the food.

WLC3 Day6

Day 6 Summary

  • Supplement — Taken 🙂
  • Mobilization — Morning yoga & post-workout stretching
  • Workout — 1 1/2 hours gym – weights & HIIT; 1 1/2 hours Kajukenbo; 1/2 hour walk
  • Nutrition — banana, date, and peanut butter for breakfast; shrimp avocado salad for lunch; baked white fish with vegetables for dinner; grapes and green tea as snacks
  • Lifestyle: Water intake — minimum requirement met

Total Points: 11