I can’t believe I haven’t posted since the 1st. I had every intention of blogging everyday, but as with the beginning of every semester, there are lots of things wrinkles to iron out. For example, I walked to class on the first day only to find that my classroom was locked, the computer password was nowhere to be found (and mine didn’t work), plus my classroom didn’t have a whiteboard/chalkboard or anything for me to use … just a few teething problems. I guess nobody was really ready for summer to be over! Anyway. The first week is also filled with lots of meetings, so my schedule is a bit upside down at the moment (actually, isn’t my schedule always upside down??)!

When I was at the gym today, trying to mentally prepare to hop on the treadmill for some HIIT, I thought to myself – it’s so easy to get distracted with all these schedule changes and unplanned circumstances that come up. I know. It’s happened to me many, many times before.

I have a lot of things on my (fitness) plate. I wish I could schedule everything in, but I can’t. I do the best that I can. Even then, sometimes ‘life’ happens and then I can’t stick to my plan.

That’s when I thought — I need to have a very basic back-up plan.

This plan is for a workout that I can do at home with the equipment I have at home. It’s the workout I can do regardless of what disrupts my training schedule (aside from injury).

A lot of times I hear people say that they don’t have time to workout or that they’re not a member of a gym so they can’t really set up a workout plan.

Those are just excuses.

That’s what the back-up plan is for. It’s the plan you KNOW you can get done at home. The only reason you wouldn’t get the workout done is because you have actively chosen not to.

This is not about saying you have to workout every single day. It’s about being aware that it is possible to get in some exercise on a daily basis without it being expensive or too much of a hassle — and then getting to it!

I’d suggest taking 15 minutes and jotting down a few exercises that you know you can do at home given the space and resources you have. I know that it’s possible to go online and find workout videos via YouTube. That’s great, but having a list of go-to exercises that you can pretty much do on the spot is even better (plus no excuses of a slow Internet connection!)

Here are a few exercises that I frequently do at home (no equipment needed):
– burpees
– jumping jacks
– mountain climbers
– squats/jump squats
– lunges/walking lunges
– crunches
– reverse crunches
– push-ups
– hip raises
– plank position/plank variations

Choose what works for you, and get it done.

Worth it