As if things weren’t busy enough these past ten days … things are about to get really hectic now with the Whole Life Challenge.

I woke up at 4:00 this morning just to get in my mobilization and workout for the day because I will be traveling for the next 24 hours. I have no idea what kind of food they’ll serve on the plane. I’ve packed a few things to snack on if necessary.

I am definitely nervous about how I’m going to do over the next week while I’m away. I know I’ll try my best, but it will be challenging since so many things will be out of my control. I did do a bit of research for health food stores in the nearby area and I was really pleased to find that my hotel offers a whole separate menu of very healthy foods – and they seem to be open to making modifications to suit different dietary requirements. Hopefully that will all work in my favor.

So, I’ll be boarding the plane in a while and I’ll reach my destination in about 27 hours. I hope I can get my 7 hours of sleep on the plane!!

Day 27 Summary so far:

  • Supplements — Taken 🙂
  • Mobilization — 10 minutes of stretching
  • Workout — 10 minutes of deadlifts; barbell rows; squats; crunches; and push-ups
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle — will be updated later.