The journey that was only supposed to take 26 hours door-to-door ended up taking 36 hours! Exhausted is an understatement!

Everything was smooth until Chicago — I had a 3 hour layover. Plenty of time, right? Well, not with 2 border control officers out of 68 counters working to process around 800 passengers. It was the worst immigration experience I’ve ever had. Standing in line, watching the clock tick, realizing that I was going to miss my flight was torture. Still, there was nothing I could do.


I have to say, the British Airways & American Airlines staff were incredible. I was sorted with a hotel for the night and a $50 voucher for food.

My flight was at 6:30 am which meant I’d have to catch the 4 am shuttle. I barely slept because I was too tense about missing my flight.

Anyway. The journey is over.

As soon as I arrived in Dallas I showered and changed and then decided to take a walk and explore the neighborhood. I then spent the next 5 hours shopping 🙂 I’m actually just trying to stay awake until 8 pm and doing whatever I can to stop myself from falling asleep. The jet lag really does feel like torture.

I haven’t had anything to eat all day. There was nothing I could eat at the mall. I was too tired to think of modifications and I knew I didn’t want to break my Whole Life Challenge nutrition score – so no food yet. I’ll eat something soon.

And then I’ll sleep … I can’t wait! 🙂