I’m beyond cranky today. I didn’t lose any weight this week. My weight has been up and down all week from my lowest ever (in over 10 years) to +0.5 kg, down 0.3 kg, and then up again 0.5 kg this morning.

I know that it’s about the bigger picture. I know. Still, it is frustrating because I feel like I’m doing everything right, yet I’m feeling bloated, heavy, and fat. It sucks.

I’m grudgingly eating though I really don’t want to eat anything. I’m exercising, though all I want to do is lie down on the couch and watch TV. I’m sleeping, though I feel stressed because I have tons to do in this upcoming week.

Basically I feel like I’m a mess. I’m pushing through, but what I really want is to just snap out of it. I want to enjoy the fact that I’m eating clean and I want to celebrate the fact that my runs are getting better — but to be honest, all I feel today is cranky.

Day 21 Summary

  • Supplement — Taken
  • Mobilization — 10 minutes of post-workout stretching
  • Workout — 3 km walk/run (intervals; 20 minutes total)
  • Nutrition — egg white muffins w/1/2 avocado for breakfast; egg white muffins w/a few walnuts for lunch (they had to be finished); chicken avocado salad for dinner (I really wanted something hot but I couldn’t be bothered to cook); 5 dates and a tablespoon of peanut butter for snacks; 2 cups of green tea
  • Lifestyle requirement — I slept for 8 hours AND I took a nap — crankiness makes me tired
Total Points: 11