My day was much more relaxed today, but I am still feeling some frustrations with how the Whole Life Challenge is working for me. Perhaps I’m just being impatient, or perhaps it is a sign that even though I’m staying WLC-compliant, there are still some foods/preparations that do not suit me. There are so many factors to consider. What it really shows me is that eating clean is not enough. There has to be other changes – exercise, sleep, and even managing stress levels. All that takes a lot of effort. I need to keep working on that.

Day 19 Summary

  • Supplement — Taken 🙂
  • Mobilization — 30 minutes of deep stretching
  • Workout — 35 minutes on the treadmill; completed C25K Week 7 Day 1
  • Nutrition — 2 dates + 1 tablespoon of peanut butter for breakfast; egg white omelet with tomatoes, mushrooms, and cucumber for my post-workout meal/lunch; grilled chicken with hummus/mezze for dinner; 2 dates for a snack (too many dates1!) + 2 cups of green tea
  • Lifestyle requirement — met the 7 hour requirement & I’ve been keeping up with my water intake requirement too!
Total Points: 11