I’ve been dragging my feet a bit with my daily updates. I’m catching up a little now.

Day 15 & 16 Summaries

  • Supplement — Taken 🙂
  • Mobilization — 1 hour yoga (Saturday) & 15 minutes post-workout stretching (Sunday)
  • Workout — 1 hour RPM class (Saturday) & 1 1/2 hours cardio + weights workout (Sunday)
  • Nutrition — Saturday: coconut cinnamon ‘pancakes’ with fruit for breakfast; tuna, avocado, cucumber, and bell pepper salad for lunch; shrimp avocado salad for dinner; 2 dates and a cup of green tea as a snack; Sunday: banana and 2 dates for breakfast; fish w/vegetables for lunch; shrimp coconut curry for dinner; green tea as my snack
  • Lifestyle requirements met — drank 4 liters of water on Sunday; slept a total of 7 hours

Total Points: 22

WLC2 Day15

trying out my first yoga headstand – with a bit of help 🙂