As I was driving home after CrossFit, I started to get a bit emotional — I can’t believe today is the last day of the Whole Life Challenge. I learned so much through the challenge. Most of all – I can do it. I can set parameters for myself and stick by them. I know I had the Challenge to help me stay accountable, but in the end it really was just me sticking to a plan. And I did it.

I was never really good at finishing things I started, especially when it was health/fitness related. I’d start a diet then stop after 2 weeks, frustrated that I wasn’t seeing results. I’d start a workout program and then stop because I’d get bored or ‘something else would come up.’

So to have stuck to a plan for 8 weeks has been a bit accomplishment for me.

I’m ending the challenge having learned a lot and feeling really proud of my accomplishments.

My final post will be tomorrow.
Finishing strong!
Day 56 Summary
  • Fish Oil — Taken 🙂
  • Mobilization — 15 minutes yoga + 10 minutes post-CrossFit stretch
  • Workout — CrossFit – new PR 40kg (88lb) clean — finally!!! Killer WOD!
  • Nutrition — Another day of lots of protein (Omelet w/tomatoes & mushrooms for breakfast; Leftover fish w/veggies for both lunch and dinner; grazed on raw nuts and raisins throughout the day)
Total Points6