It’s nice to be getting some different types of reactions now to my being on the Whole Life Challenge. Many people are impressed that I’ve stuck to it for the whole time. They’re also impressed with the difference that they see in my body. The weight loss is definitely noticeable. What’s more is that some of my friends actually look forward to coming over to eat because they know that they’ll be getting a completely healthy – and tasty – meal! That’s definitely a compliment to my lifestyle and my cooking 🙂

I feel a bit bad for being impatient back in the beginning of having to explain my choices and why I was doing this … but now things are falling into place. I guess it just took time. I needed to get used to the plan; I needed to figure out what it meant for me … and at the same time, people around me needed/wanted to understand as well. I think at that point it was definitely harder to explain because I wasn’t 100% sure about what this all meant to me.

Now I am much more sure …

Though I have to admit, saying that I’ve made all these changes because I was participating in a challenge did make it easier. Once the challenge is over, any decisions I make will purely be a reflection of my choice – no accountability to anyone. No points to earn. It’s just for me.

Still, as I said, now I am much more sure. Although I do not know what decisions lie in my future, I do know that I am in control of them. The choice is mine, and it is the development of this confidence and awareness that has been rewarding.
Day 53 Summary
  • Fish Oil — Taken 🙂
  • Mobilization — 15 minutes post-workout stretching
  • Workout — 30 minutes cardio; resistance training – focus on back, shoulders; pull-up practice
  • Nutrition — The day’s schedule threw off my eating patterns a bit; had more fruit than I usually do (Omelet ‘muffin’ for breakfast; fruit salad as a snack; banana and an apple for lunch; salmon salad for dinner)
Total Points6
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