A lot of things have become routine now, which may seem a little boring, but I find it safe as well as comfortable.

I have regular rotations in my menu – fish w/bell peppers; shrimp coconut curry; spaghetti squash primavera – which makes grocery shopping so much easier. The time I needed in the beginning to set up this routine has now paid off as I’m saving time now. My meals may not always be interesting, but they’re always tasty, and they’re always healthy.

At least this week’s challenge with a new vegetable each day is helping change things up a little with new dishes or at the very least new combinations of ingredients!

Day 49 Summary
  • Fish Oil — Taken 🙂
  • Mobilization — 15 minutes of yoga in the morning + 10 minutes post-boxing stretch
  • Workout — Boxing 1 1/2 hours
  • Nutrition — Busy days like today make me thankful for leftovers!! (My usual Friday breakfast of smoked salmon, tomatoes/cucumber, and hummus; leftover veggies from last night’s sweet potato mix (minus the salmon); steak w/sweet potato and sautéed mushrooms)
Total Points6
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