My writing task is overwhelming me. I think it’s been good in the sense that I am practicing staying on task despite the stress and frustration of writing. Sitting at my desk trying to focus on this task has been tough – however, taking a few short breaks every once in a while to stretch has felt amazing. It’s allowed me to step away from my work, take a few minutes to just breathe/stretch and focus on something other than my work, and then come back feeling reenergized and ready to go continue my work.

By the time I had spent 9 hours at my desk, I was more than ready to jump around and work up a sweat! Boy did it feel good!

Today was a good reminder for those busy days yet to come – there’s always time to do a bit of exercise. Exercise isn’t something that should happen when it’s convenient. Making it part of my daily routine feels terrific.

Not only did I get my WLC requirements done but I also felt de-stressed afterwards. Win/Win in my book!

Day 48 Summary
  • Fish Oil — Taken 🙂
  • Mobilization — total of 20 minutes of yoga/stretching
  • Workout — Gleason’s boxing workout – 30 minutes
  • Nutrition — Veggie of the day – sweet potato. (Banana w/peanut butter for breakfast; the last bit of lentils and okra for lunch; salmon with sweet potato/bell peppers/peas & roasted tomatoes)
Total Points6
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