I did not make it to the gym today. I had a cardio session planned, but the stress of my PhD deadline approaching fast had my heart racing quite quick enough. The good news is I was on a roll. I had two tasks that I wanted to complete and I was determined to get through them. I tried to limit my distractions – it’s amazing how much time ends up being spent on commenting on other blogs, checking my Facebook, browsing through online shops (all fabulous procrastination techniques) … and I also tried to settle my mind with the thought – it’s ok if you don’t make it to the gym, you can go tomorrow. Watch what you eat, and get your work done.

The whole munching while studying thing had me worried at the beginning of my PhD (4 long years ago) … you know how it is, you’re sitting and reading or writing or editing and you just want to munch on something, especially comfort food. I think I’ve been really good at limiting that. In the beginning I might have grazed a bit more than I should have, but this past year and a half – pretty much nothing. If I do have something, then it’ll be some type of protein/nutrient bar to satisfy a bit of that crunchy, sweet craving — and in my absolute weakest of moments – I’m ashamed to admit this — Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. I know. I know. Artificial colors, preservatives, empty calories etc. etc. But the good thing about the flamin’ hot Cheetos is that they’re so damn hot that I could (though sometimes I didn’t) just have a few to satisfy that craving … (plus they’re messy, who can type with orange/yellow Cheetos fingers?) Anyway. Even those cravings haven’t happened as much as they could have, so I’m happy that the snacking has pretty much been under control.
Anyway. I got my two tasks done. Tomorrow (which is normally my day off from the gym) I’ll work on my cardio and maybe even squeeze in Workout 8A. Let’s see how it goes.
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