I should have known complaining about cardio would come back to bite me in the butt. I was still feeling rather ill but I decided to head to the gym anyway. I decided that I would just do 10 minutes on the cross-trainer to warm up and then do workout A for week 2 … I am so glad I hadn’t planned on doing more than 10 minutes because I tell you (and I’m totally embarrassed to say this) … that 10 minutes nearly killed me. Three minutes into the workout, on a low resistance, had me totally out of breath and sweating. There was definitely something wrong with my lungs – I didn’t just have the sniffles. Anyway. I forced myself to complete that lousy ten minutes and then I moved on to the weights workout.

Week 2 is basically the same workout plan as week 1. I’m happy to say that the routine went well. I upped all my weights, and despite a bit of a struggle to get situated on the ball for the prone jackknife, I did manage to do both sets with much better form than last time!

It felt weird finishing my workout after only half an hour … even though that half hour was really tough for me breathing-wise, I had to wonder, is this 6-week plan really going to work? Only time will tell.

My pathetic performance on the cross-trainer left me no choice but to make an appointment to see the doctor. I just hope that whatever treatment they give me helps me get better. Fast!