Okay, so I’ve only been ill for four days but it feels like forever. It’s really bugging me because I have so much work to and less than six weeks to get it all done. I just cant’ seem to clear my head long enough to focus on the tasks at hand. My main worry is my PhD writing – I’ve got a ton of editing to do before my next trip to London … and it’s not just editing, it’s more like getting the thesis ready so that I can actually submit it in September. The pressure is freaking me out.

Of course I also have to deal with how being ill is interfering with my workouts. The main problem is the lack of energy – I hate wanting to go to the gym but not having the actual energy to properly complete the workout. It just depresses me. Then there’s the lack of appetite, which of course adds to the lack of energy … and finally, every time I cough, my bloody abs hurt because of those freaking prone jackknife exercises!! At least I know the exercise worked my core!

I know. I know. I’m whining. Just needed to get it off my chest.